A Memory Foam Mattress built for you

Memory Foam is designed with the body in mind, contouring perfectly to your body to ensure supreme back comfort and support. Heat has often been an issue when considering Memory Foam and as such many of our mattresses come with the latest in cooling covers ensuring a well regulated sleeping temperature.

Buy your memory foam mattress in Exeter

If you're looking to buy a memory foam mattress in Exeter, the Devon Bed Centre has a huge range of options; from the more basic foams to the latest technologies and materials. Memory Foam and Springs is a very popular 'halfway house' these days, employing the medical qualities of Memory Foam with the regular feel of a spring mattress and still retaining the very highest quality.  Our options include Kaymeds amazing Therma Phase range and Hestia's Z range, please view them here or pop along and try them for yourselves.   

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